6 oktober, 2019

Serious Violence Strategy

Serious Violence Strategy, är upprättad av Home Office i England 2018. Strategin tar sin utgångpunkt i förhållandet mellan det ökande dödliga våldet sedan 2014 och narkotika marknaden.

Ur inledningen till strategin

”The strategy sets out our analysis of the evidence and the trends and drivers of serious violent crime. The evidence shows that while overall crime continues to fall, homicide, knife crime and gun crime have risen since 2014 across virtually all police force areas in England and Wales.

Crack cocaine markets have strong links to serious violence and evidence suggests crack use is rising in England and Wales due to a mix of supply and demand factors. Drug‐related cases also seem to be one of the driving factors in the homicide increase in the United States. Drug‐market violence may also be facilitated and spread to some extent by social media. A small minority are using social media to glamorise gang or drug‐selling life, taunt rivals and normalise weapons carrying. There has also been an increase in vulnerable groups susceptible to the related exploitation and/or drug use.”

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